BlueWren Connections expands possibilities for established and emerging leaders so that they can transform themselves and advance the goals of their teams and communities.

All programs can include:

  • Understanding self and others
  • Goal setting and time management
  • Leadership and team building
  • Communication and negotiation


  • Awareness of your leadership style
  • An understanding of your own strengths and development needs
  • Improved communication
  • Confidence to implement knowledge into a specific work and community context
  • People achieving better results together
  • More leaders, with greater skills and confidence

Increasingly communities are dealing with unique social and economic challenges. The team at BlueWren Connections recognised that approaches need to be community-led to ensure their effectiveness and sustainability. We work with you and your community to create a leadership program that will work for your community.

Examples of annual programs:

  • Red Earth Community Leadership Program – RECLP Community leadership programs create competent and well-equipped leaders, across the Burnett Inland who understand what it takes to lead in a regional environment.
  • Leading in the Central West – LCW community leadership programs throughout the Central West region will produce a shared knowledge, skills and relationships to work together effectively and to lead themselves and others to achieve the things that really matter to them and their communities.
  • Regional Social Development Coalition – RSDC community leadership program works to build community leadership and capacity, to strengthen regional communities in the Whitsunday Isaac and Mackay area.

Graduates of each of these community leadership programs often go on to join community groups or boards in managerial positions and become involved in strategic planning for their regions. They serve as role models and mentors within their communities and make a substantial contribution to the growth and fabric of their wider regional communities.

If you are interested in learning how to be an effective leader in your region, the Growing Regional Leaders (GRL) program provides key skills and insights. BlueWren Connections GRL provide potential and emerging leaders with a unique experiential “learning by doing” program that develops the participant’s personal leadership skills. Participants develop their personal leadership capability, in order to step up to the challenges of leading in a dynamic regional and rural location.

The BlueWren Connections corporate leadership development programs enable you to build the right leadership capabilities for your unique situation. We have customised our programs for small and medium sized businesses, as well as corporate leadership training for larger organisations.

Through a combination of customised leadership workshops and leadership training courses we can address leading self, leading others, leading managers, and leading the organisation.


  • Michelle Reay – Channel Country Ladies DayMichelle Reay – Channel Country Ladies Day

    We are extremely fortunate to have Heathers leadership skills and tireless enthusiasm to help strengthen our committee and our event, for remote women in Western Queensland and surrounding areas.

  • Gunther VillageGunther Village

    Heather's engaging and informative workshops really generated an appreciation amongst staff, of the strengths and attributes of their team members, and provided some of the skills required for teams to communicate more effectively and positively.  Blue Wren Connections provided valuable professional and personal development to our team.

  • Matt Pronger – Australia’s CEO ChallengeMatt Pronger – Australia’s CEO Challenge

    Heathers commitment, passion and expertise in leadership and organisational change has been fundamental to the development of our organisation. We have been working with Blue Wren connections for the last 3 years.

  • Naomi Purcell – Burnett Catchment Care AssociationNaomi Purcell – Burnett Catchment Care Association

    We found Heather to be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of our growers. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work with rural and regional business came shining through and as she is someone who's come from the land use able to connect with our producers.

  • Social WorkerSocial Worker

    Heather is a fantastic supervisor. During our supervision she enabled me to reflect deeply on my practice as a social worker. She was able to gently but effectively challenge my assumptions and bring these to the foreground of our discussion. She helped me to take these ideas and transform them into practical steps I could take to improve the ways I work with clients. Her supervision immensely helped me improve as a practitioner. I would highly recommend Heather for supervision.

  • Social Worker – Queensland HealthSocial Worker – Queensland Health

    Heather encouraged me to connect to my framework and reflect on my practice. This Allowed me to grow and attain a promotion

  • Daniel ClacyDaniel Clacy

    It's an amazing experience for real personal growth.

  • Rhys PeacockRhys Peacock

    I have been a continual attendee to Heather Ellis' "Building Rural Leaders" Leading in the Central West Program for over three years now. Prior to attending I was somewhat opposed to the idea of the seminar's content, however was extremely shocked and found it exceptionally compelling, enough so to attend the full three days each and every year. Each seminar is extremely mentally stimulating and Heather keeps it interactive to ensure that attendees are not getting bored. Everyone, especially those in the Rural Industry will benefit from Heather and her leadership content.

  • Ali Doneley – Leading in the Central West Steering CommitteeAli Doneley – Leading in the Central West Steering Committee

    Fundamental lesson from Heather since working with her. Every member of our community is worthy of developing their own leadership skills and how the empowerment of your local community members can create a ripple effect of positivity, strength and cohesion.

  • Growcom Staff MemberGrowcom Staff Member

    Colour Spectrums gave me great insights into my team members and better understanding of how my colleagues work and react. How to work with my immediate team. Appreciation of the skills of those around me. I learnt so much about myself and I enjoyed the Industry relevant anecdotes from the presenter.

  • Skye Orsmond – Fruit Forest FarmSkye Orsmond – Fruit Forest Farm

    Loved your teaching style it was great to learn about the topic get examples and then do an activity as or a group and reflect it really helps the information stick. Colour spectrum exercise was very beneficial especially doing it first set a great foundation.

  • Queensland Corrective ServicesQueensland Corrective Services

    We have found Heather and her team to be professional extremely engaging and we've always had fantastic feedback from participance in her workshops. We would highly recommend Heather to any workplace or organisation.

  • Trudy Gorringe – Windorah Visitor Information CentreTrudy Gorringe – Windorah Visitor Information Centre

    I would recommend BlueWren Connections to anyone who would like to grow confidence and direction in a leadership and teamwork capacity.

  • Bec Clapperton – Salisbury Plains GrazingBec Clapperton – Salisbury Plains Grazing

    It’s the exercises that set this 3-day program apart from the theory intensive workshops. I didn’t
    think I would benefit too much from the deep listening session, but it’s one of the areas I am trying
    to change the most following the program. Finally, that my unique take on the world can make a
    positive contribution to future planning.