Blue Wren Connections is passionate about building the further development leadership capacity to influence positive change in regional Queensland. Blue Wren Connections has facilitated ongoing collaboration with Gladstone Region engaging in action Together (GRT) to build on existing networks and local connections established in the community.

The DCLP included 5 Emerging Leaders workshops held throughout the Gladstone Region and a Community Leaders Forum.

The Workshops 5 workshops were held throughout the Gladstone region as listed below. While the GRC Developing Community Leaders Program was codesigned with the community, the workshop outcomes for the participants included:

  • Improved knowledge of themselves and each other
  • Improved ability to influence positive change in themselves, their families, businesses andindustriesImproved ability to work effectively with others
  • Improved relationships across the region with shared trust, knowledge and processes to collaborate effectively on existing and new initiatives
  • Greater confidence and courage for informed decision making, balancing the role of a leader, and stepping into leading roles in the future.

The Community Leaders Forum The Community Leaders Forum demonstrated knowledge transfer to participants and community. It was designed to bring together the content, learning and participants from the Emerging Leaders workshop series. While the final design and content of the Community Leaders Forum was developed in consultation with the community, the process incorporated Design for Wiser Action or World Café Concepts.

The Community Leaders Forum was for up to 100 participants and was held on 8th of June 2023 in Gladstone.