What we do

Tailored workshops/ Education sessions 

Leadership Development :

Developing and maintaining an effective communication
Group work skills and strategies
“Leading from every Role” Everyone has a part to play
ColourSpectrum – profiling system that identifies our natural preferences and behaviours associated with the four dimensions of personality development and functioning
Understanding Change – chosen and unchosen change
Growing Relationships and Partnerships – Making connections, growing relationships with staff and networks
High risk conversations (navigating conflict)
Community Development – practice and principles
Reflective practice – action learning
Mental Health first aid
Self care for welfare workers
Deep Listening

Family Violence Prevention Education with schools and workplaces
Bystander Workshop
What do respectful relationships look like?
Reality & Risk: Pornography, young people and sexuality
Build your teams capacity to work with families that have experienced Domestic and Family Violence

Child Protection
Trauma & Attachment
Self-Care for your team

Vicarious trauma: What it is and how to deal with it

Strong Clubs Strong Communities – Locker Room Conversations
Mental Health First Aid
Respectful Relationships
Management committee Your club your volunteers
How do we make the most of social media in our club?

Should you be interested in discussing the provision of training for your organisation or network please contact me on 0427639848 or email heather@bluewrencounsulting.com.au