Leadership Connections

BlueWren Connections expands possibilities for leaders and emerging leaders so that they can transform themselves and advance the goals of their teams and communities.

Insight Into Our Programs

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic FacilitationGraphic facilitation is a method of producing meaningful symbols that represent complex ideas, stories and plans.  Learning this creative skill will help you pitch ideas and communicate to diverse groups with spirit and influence.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist your leadership goals using this essential leadership skill.

Colour Spectrums™

Are you red, yellow, green or blue?  BlueWren Connections uses Colour Spectrums™ to help you quickly determine others’ personality and communication preferences.  Master the ability to tailor your messages so they connect with your listeners in a more meaningful way.

Colour Spectrums™ can help with countless areas including conflict resolution, change management, resilience building and stakeholder engagement.  Click here to learn more.