Strong Clubs, Strong Communities

BlueWren Connections’ Strong Clubs, Strong Communities program improves community sports’ organisations and helps them prosper.  Sporting club executives and volunteers spend a lot of time supporting their club, and we boost the value they bring.

BlueWren Connections works with various levels of your organisation to ensure everyone works towards common goals and feels supported and capable.  We will inspire your organisation using various tools, including the Colour Spectrum, so that you better know your supporters and what motivates each of them.

You will see the transformation in your club as each member becomes more skilled at communication, stress management, and how to connect with and support their fellow volunteers.  Imagine if your club could retain and improve the contributions that each person gives!

Strong clubs make strong communities.  Contact BlueWren Connections so that we can personalise a program to match your needs.


Locker Room Conversations

BlueWren Connections’ Locker Room Conversations helps young people improve their mental fitness alongside their physical fitness.  This content is often delivered as a part of our Strong Clubs, Strong Communities Program.

Specially designed for young athletes, we increase young players’ lifestyle skills so that they can navigate tough issues, such as sexual assault and the rising rate of young men’s suicide.  Sports clubs are hugely influential in the lives of young people.  When clubs prioritise respectful relationships among coaches, players, teammates and others, young people learn valuable life lessons.

BlueWren Connections can help you make the most of the time you spend with young people by highlighting the importance of respectful relationships on and off the field.  Sports’ clubs that prioritise respectful relationships have the ability to teach young people positive skills that can remain with them for a lifetime.  Contact us to learn more.


It’s Time We Talked

The easy and prevalent access to pornography might be uncomfortable to discuss, but it is an important topic that often affects young people.  Many young people and their parents or caregivers do not know how to talk about how young people’s exposure to porn, revenge porn, or unintended child porn can affect their lives.

BlueWren Connections has the experience and skills to navigate these tricky conversations.

We work with both young people and parents to help them better understand their responsibilities, how women in porn are portrayed and the impact of porn in relationships.  Additionally, we give parents the knowledge and skills to talk to the young people in their lives about this topic.