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<i>Congratulations</i> <i>to</i> <i>our</i> <i>recent</i> <i>graduates<i> <i>from: </i> Queensland Corrective Services. Queensland Health. Longreach Regional Council. Blackall-Tambo Regional Council. Queensland Primary Health Networks. Domestic Violence Action Center. District Council of Grant. James Cook University. Mackay Regional Council. Neighbourhood Centres Queensland. Queensland Corrective Services. Rural Financial Counselling Service North Queensland.

Developing your Capacity

People are at the forefront of change. That’s why we’ve modelled our business on the blue wren, a bird that is adaptive, dynamic and agile – the very needs of your corporate and community leaders.

At BlueWren Connections we develop and challenge leaders to be adaptive, inquisitive and reflective using programs of change management, research, wellbeing and leadership.

With your business in focus, we will cultivate your leaders by merging foresight and insight, fostering evolution, and guiding them to take flight as community and business leaders.

Through the application of our models, individuals and teams will enhance their capabilities, effectively address current job requirements, proactively anticipate future challenges, and make valuable contributions to the organisation’s success and sustainability.

Heather Ellis – Master Facilitator

We believe leadership is the ability to influence people to work willingly together to achieve a shared goal

BlueWren Connections

Heather's commitment, passion and expertise in leadership and organisational change has been fundamental to the development of our organisation. We have been working with Blue Wren connections for the last 3 years.

Matt ProngerAustralia’s CEO Challenge

I have been a continual attendee to Heather Ellis’ “Building Rural Leaders” Leading in the Central West Program for over three years now. Prior to attending I was somewhat opposed to the idea of the seminar’s content, however was extremely shocked and found it exceptionally compelling, enough so to attend the full three days each and every year. Each seminar is extremely mentally stimulating and Heather keeps it interactive to ensure that attendees are not getting bored. Everyone, especially those in the Rural Industry will benefit from Heather and her leadership content.

– Rhys PeacockRay White Real Estate

Colour Spectrums gave me great insights into my team members and better understanding of how my colleagues work and react. How to work with my immediate team. Appreciation of the skills of those around me. I learnt so much about myself and I enjoyed the Industry relevant anecdotes from the presenter.

Growcom Staff Member

We are extremely fortunate to have Heathers leadership skills and tireless enthusiasm to help strengthen our committee and our event, for remote women in Western Queensland and surrounding areas.

Michelle ReayChannel Country Ladies Day

Heather’s engaging and informative workshops really generated an appreciation amongst staff, of the strengths and attributes of their team members, and provided some of the skills required for teams to communicate more effectively and positively. Blue Wren Connections provided valuable professional and personal development to our team.

Gunther Village

Our programs can be based on

Program Types
Customized leadership programs:
BlueWren Connections offers tailored leadership programs that encompass understanding self and others, goal setting, leadership and team building, and communication and negotiation skills.
Community-led approaches:
Recognising the unique challenges faced by communities, BlueWren Connections collaborates with communities to design leadership programs that are relevant, effective, and sustainable.
Annual programs:
BlueWren Connections hosts annual community leadership programs such as the Red Earth Community Leadership Program, Leading in the Central West, and Regional Social Development Coalition, aimed at building leadership capacity and strengthening regional communities.
Regional program:
Regional programs providee potential and emerging leaders with experiential learning opportunities to develop personal leadership skills, specifically tailored for dynamic region-wide impact.
Corporate leadership development:
BlueWren Connections works with corporate leadership to develop organisation based development programs for businesses of all sizes, addressing various leadership levels from leading self to leading the organisation.
Self-awareness and leadership style:
BlueWren Connections' programs cultivate awareness of participants' leadership styles, enabling them to understand their strengths and development areas.
Enhanced communication:
Participants develop improved communication skills, empowering them to effectively convey ideas and foster collaboration within their teams and communities.
Confidence and implementation:
The programs equip participants with the confidence and capability to apply newfound knowledge and skills in their specific work and community contexts.
Collective achievement:
Through effective leadership and teamwork, participants achieve better results collectively, contributing to the advancement of their teams and communities.
Program Types
Building resilient teams:
BlueWren Connections recommends and implements innovative and best-practice solutions, helping organisations to have more resilient and considerate teams..
Helping teams cope with change:
Organisations benefit from facilitated change planning sessions, creating a safe environment for discussion and fostering commitment to change.
Helping teams cope with major events:
BlueWren Connections uses a range of facilitation and counselling tools to help teams cope with Major Events, post-event.
Understanding team equity
Using our facilitator tools to address the 'elephant's in the room' and talk about team value Blue Wren Connections shifts perspectives using activity and shared discussion techniques.
Organisational resilience:
BlueWren Connections supports organizations in navigating internal and external changes, helping them adapt and thrive amidst additional stress and pressure.
Strengthened future focus:
Through comprehensive reviews and innovative solutions, BlueWren Connections aids organisations in enhancing their strategy, structure, and culture, ensuring alignment with their strategic plans.
Enhanced strategic planning:
Facilitated strategic planning sessions result in specific goals, action plans, and open discussions, fostering commitment and clarity within the organisation.
Individual development:
BlueWren Connections offers a systematic approach to developing the capability of individuals within organisations, utilizing their unique qualities to contribute effectively and thrive.
Comprehensive analysis:
The research project entails thorough analysis and documentation, yielding detailed reports and summaries to inform stakeholders and guide decision-making processes.
Multi-stakeholder involvement:
The research involves engaging diverse stakeholders through interviews, workshops, or surveys, ensuring representation from various sectors and perspectives.
Action-oriented recommendations:
Reports include actionable recommendations aimed at enhancing community resilience, fostering social cohesion, and addressing identified challenges.
Knowledge sharing and dissemination:
Alongside reports, organizations may facilitate knowledge-sharing events, workshops, or online platforms to disseminate findings and encourage dialogue among stakeholders.
Community impact assessment:
Research underscores the social significance of communal spaces, shedding light on their role as meeting points and sources of social cohesion, benefiting diverse populations.
Policy and resource allocation guidance:
The research project offers insights crucial for informing future policy decisions and resource allocation, facilitating effective governance and investment in community infrastructure.
Resilience-building strategies:
Findings from the research project contribute to identifying resilience-building measures for communities facing various challenges, including environmental hazards and socio-economic stressors.
Stakeholder engagement and collaboration:
Through inclusive methodologies, the research fosters stakeholder engagement and collaboration, enhancing collective efforts to address community needs and aspirations.
Customized programs:
BlueWren Connections offers tailored programs to suit individual groups, ensuring practical and purposeful information delivery.
Comprehensive support:
Participants benefit from improvements in health awareness, physical and mental wellbeing, resilience, energy, work enjoyment, and productivity.
Interactive engagement:
Workshops provide a blend of information, activities, and fun, fostering lasting change through engaging experiences.
Holistic approach:
The sessions encompass physical, emotional, and mental aspects of wellbeing, promoting a well-rounded approach to personal development.
Enhanced wellbeing:
BlueWren Connections sessions offer strategies to combat negative self-thoughts and promote overall wellbeing, fostering a healthy balance in life.
Reflective practice:
Professional supervision, rooted in feminist theory and reflective approaches, empowers workers to guide the process, meet their needs, and enhance their practice.
Resilience building:
Wellbeing Workshops and BWC Workshops equip participants with tools to build resilience, enabling them to respond positively to stress and thrive in adversity.
Mental fitness:
Mental fitness workshops focus on training the brain to manage daily stresses effectively, offering practical methods to strengthen mental resilience and endurance, tailored for different groups.
Leadership engagement:
BlueWren Connections offers a range of facilitation workshops tailored to the specific needs of groups or topics, ensuring effective goal achievement and meaningful participation.
Colour Spectrums profiling:
Workshops on Colour Spectrums provide a quick and fun way to understand personality types, fostering better communication and relationships within teams and organisations.
Guided conversations:
With a strong belief in the wisdom of groups, BlueWren Connections provides experienced guidance and intervention to facilitate group processes effectively, offering a range of skills and processes to suit various needs.
Budget outcome
Whether you're looking for facilitation to meet the needs of a grant, or organisation direction, we'll ensure alignment, workshop leadership support, and advice on further capability building are part of your package.
Effective group facilitation:
BlueWren Connections offers tailored facilitation workshops to ensure group objectives are met with clear thinking, meaningful participation, and full buy-in from all participants.
Enhanced workforce dynamics:
Colour Spectrums profiling fosters understanding of human interaction dynamics, enabling workplaces to leverage individual and team strengths for outstanding results.
Improved relationships:
Colour profiling facilitates better understanding, communication, and respect in both professional and personal relationships, enhancing collaboration and mutual appreciation.
Funding needs are met:
We know that the end of every workshop there is a need to report on your budget and outcomes. We provide a recap of the activities and programs completed so that you can report on your expenditure and lay framework for future workshops.

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