Heather Ellis

Heather is a community leader, social worker and changemaker driven by her creativity, energy and collaborative spirit. When Heather Ellis left farming 15 years ago to go to University as a mature student she discovered life has more to offer than she’d dreamed of.

As the Founder and Principal Consultant at BlueWren Connections, Heather brings a passion for community and creativity to developing fun and empowering learning programs for people of all ages.

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Jonas Ogonowski

Jonas from Being & Becoming Integral Coaching will be working along side BlueWren Connections in Leadership Development Training.

His purpose is to work with those leaders that are ready to change their mindset, their world view, their very sense of self, which in business and leadership, changes everything. To help leaders hold more complexity within themselves and to move, assess, and take decisive action.

Wendy Thorsborne

I am constantly inspired by the resilience of rural and regional Australians. In my working career, my objective has been to use my accumulated skills, knowledge and my natural abilities to assist groups and individuals to realise their full potential and contribute to the development of rural and regional Australia.

I have Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Extension) and many years of experience in
– Rural, regional and community development,
– Group facilitation and strategic planning, and
– Development of policy and legislation related to biosecurity in Queensland.

Pamela McAllister 

Pamela McAllister from McAllister Leadership partners with BlueWren Connections to enhance our Leadership Connections program.

Pamela specialises in the design and delivery of learning programs, coaching and facilitating to assist others to achieve the things that really matter to them.  She aids organisations to create productive workplaces where people enjoy contributing their best.

For the past twenty years, Pamela has worked across regional and urban areas in Australia to build the confidence and skills of people in business, government and community sectors.  She has upskilled people as they learn to lead themselves and others. Pamela has a deep knowledge, respect and aspiration for people on the land and in regions and understands their challenges and needs.

Debbie Atkins

Debbie Atkins has over 20 years of experience offering training courses in leadership development, project management and group facilitation.  She has worked for the Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Western Sydney University and Irrigation Australia.  Debbie currently works as a consultant.

Debbie has expertise in program delivery and design for large and small groups. Her project management roles with research organisations, universities, membership associations and vocational training has given her a broad range of competencies in developing processes to achieve short and long term project goals.  Debbie has held several leadership roles in professional and community capacities and enjoys working with groups.

Connor Ellis 

Connor Ellis currently works within Education Queensland as a Finance & Administration Officer and has graduated with a Bachelor of Business from the Queensland University of Technology. He contributes his knowledge to BlueWren Connections on a part-time basis.

Connor is a graduate of Brisbane State High School where he was a First XV Rugby player. This is where he also attained a Diploma of Business and a Certificate 4 in fitness.

Andrew Bryant

Andrew has spent 15 years in rural Queensland as a counsellor and project coordinator, and has a strong desire to see communities adapt and thrive, with authentic and well-developed leaders in the government, NFP and private sectors.  Andrew has spent many years volunteering in community groups and churches, and on local boards – through this work, he has honed his own leadership skills, in speaking, leading discussion, journeying with others, sharing power, in having “courageous” (a.k.a. difficult) conversations, and making tough calls.  Combined with a Bachelor degree in Social Science and a Masters degree in leadership, Andrew has the ability to take deep or complex concepts and put them in easily accessible language, in an encouraging and motivating space.  Andrew believes in the incredible power of emotion when learning, and humour is an absolute necessity in any learning situation!  You can see some of this humour at https://www.inspobyandy.com.au/

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