To develop adaptive, inquisitive, and reflective leaders equipped to navigate and influence change effectively. 

To enhance the internal capacity of participants, empowering them to expand their influence within the business and community spheres. 

To foster organic and energized connections among leaders, thereby strengthening the local network and fostering a sense of unity and purpose. 

Program Highlights 

 Customized Leadership Development: Tailored workshops and sessions designed to challenge and develop the leadership capabilities of participants, focusing on real-world applications and ethical leadership practices. 

Change Management and Research: Incorporating cutting-edge research and change management theories to equip leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to drive effective change within their organizations and communities. 

Wellbeing Initiatives: Emphasizing the importance of leader wellbeing as a cornerstone for sustainable leadership practice, integrating strategies for mental and physical health into the leadership journey. 

Community and Business Networking: Creating a program of opportunities for participants to engage with and contribute to the development of robust business and community networks, fostering economic and social growth. 

Reflective Practice: Encouraging a culture of reflection, where leaders can contemplate their actions, decisions, and the impact of their leadership, fostering continuous personal and professional development. 


 The Red Earth Community Leadership Program has become a cornerstone for leadership development in the South Burnett Region, creating a legacy of empowered leaders who are committed to making a difference. The program’s success is evidenced by its vibrant alumni network, ongoing community projects, and the palpable shift towards more collaborative and innovative leadership practices within the region. By investing in the growth of leaders, BlueWren Connections has played a pivotal role in shaping a future where the community and businesses not only coexist but thrive together, driving forward with a shared vision for prosperity and resilience. 



 Red Earth’s community leadership program has given me both the skills and the confidence to put myself “out there” and to take hold of opportunities I would previously thought “good idea” but not thought I was “enough” to try for it. I have developed an extensive group of mentors, peers and friends that I can turn to for both community and personal growth.  I feel the program has shown me how to access the keys to the door, a map for the journey and the resources to venture on. Thank you! 

Beck Cross 



I spent four years doing a Masters degree in Leadership, in which I learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed.  I enjoyed and learnt as much participating in the SBCLP as I did in my Masters course (if not more) – with the added benefit of making great new friends from the Burnett region, recognising my own value as a leader and team member, and joining a larger alumni who are passionate about their communities and about leadership.  I can’t speak highly enough of Red Earth’s program and look forward to supporting it for many years to come. 

Andrew Bryant 





The Red Earth Community Leadership Program exemplifies BlueWren Connections’ commitment to cultivating leadership that transcends traditional boundaries and fosters a vibrant, interconnected community. Through this program, BlueWren Connections continues to demonstrate its expertise in nurturing leaders who are not only prepared to face the challenges of today but are also eager to shape the opportunities of tomorrow.