Project Scope and Methodology 

 The project’s scope was expansive, covering key saleyard communities in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria. The methodology was comprehensive, involving site visits for in-person interviews and the facilitation of virtual discussions, ensuring broad and inclusive stakeholder engagement. In total, observations were conducted at six saleyards, with 152 individuals participating in an online survey and 105 engaging in interviews spanning five Australian states. 




The primary objective was to document and analyse the multifaceted social contributions of sale days within these communities. Key areas of focus included: 

  1.  The role of saleyards in mitigating social isolation. 
  2. The use of saleyards as a venue for vital community services and information dissemination. 
  3. The demographic engagement with saleyards as a social nexus. 
  4. The potential impacts on community wellbeing following the cessation of saleyard operations. 


Findings and Impact 

 The research illuminated the profound social significance of saleyards:

 A staggering 96% of respondents highlighted socializing as a primary activity beyond buying and selling, underscoring the saleyards as vibrant social hubs. 

The study showcased saleyards as critical in fostering a sense of belonging and community cohesion. 

It was evident that saleyards serve as vital platforms for information exchange, networking, and educational opportunities among stakeholders. 

The absence of sale day activities was directly linked to increased feelings of loneliness and isolation among community members. 

Saleyards were identified as essential access points for delivering a diverse array of services to a broad cross-section of the rural populace. 



 The ALMA Social Value of Saleyards Research Project, meticulously designed and executed by BlueWren Connections, offers invaluable insights into the indispensable social role saleyards play in rural Australian communities. The findings serve as a robust foundation for informing future policy and funding directions, advocating for the continued operation and support of saleyards nationwide. This project underscores the unique position of BlueWren Connections in marrying meticulous research with deep community engagement to highlight the unseen threads that bind rural communities together. 


Project Deliverables 

  •  ALMA Social Value of Saleyards Research Report: A comprehensive analysis detailing the study’s methodology, findings, and recommendations. 
  • Summary Research Report: A distilled version of the research findings for broader dissemination.